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A true wanderer's paradise


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Koh Lanta: A true wanderer's paradise

When you’re searching for a break away from the daily life to a tropical island paradise or just a spot to rest after the full moon on Koh Phangan, Koh Lanta is the ideal destination. Situated in the Andaman Sea in southern Thailand, it’s ideal for relaxing and sunbathing. 

Kick in with the colorful, chilled out the island of Thailand, Koh Lanta, which did not lose its lower-key groove. It’s a barefoot charm with a touch of hippy without major hotel titles and neon lights. The island itself, one-way traffic, running small, shrubbing palm groves, pulling further more and more with every turn and curve from the noise and illumination. And this is exactly the case. 

What's expected in Koh Lanta

It’s not like Koh Lanta is some pristine underground paradise that has never set foot in any other location, save for the boldest backpacker. It is usually considered to be one of Thailand ‘s best islands. It’s a fairly long and huge island, too. Lanta Yai, the main island, is a 30 km wide, sandy island along the west coast, with over 50 remote, marine-parks-protected children in the archipelago and its mid and spectacular rugged region to the east. Lanta Yai is the main island.
But it is, in the grand scheme of Thai islands, it is deliciously unspoiled. And there are several reasons for this. Firstly, it’s a trek to get here. Krabi only has international flights from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Hong Kong is on the cards, but still. Your average journey looks like this: long-haul flight, short-haul flight, taxi, car ferries (plural), more taxiing, perhaps a speedboat straight to the sand in high season. So those visitors who do finally end up splashing in the gin-clear, bath-water-warm Andaman Sea have made quite an effort. 
The second point is that this region of southern Thailand is predominantly Muslim, implying that a community evolves slowly, methodically, with consideration and care. Koh Lanta has also a very quiet, soft-tuned feeling. The rustle of the wind through the rubber-tree plantations is a low-rise, Go-slow place which is disturbed only by a Muezzin call to prayer. It may be on its way in four or five years, but it’s just hunky-dory for the moment.

Koh Lanta's background

The root of the island ‘s name is isolated from each other. Some say it is called Pulau Satak, a long-stranding island that makes perfect sense from Malay ancestors. Other tend for Lanta’s Javanese version-a fish barbecue. It has beaches and fishes bones, either way, and everyone is content. In this juicy melting pot, a strong seed of Thai Chinese (it was a stopover between Phuket and Penang trading posts) and the once nomadic sea gypsies, the Urak Lawoi, are brought together in the Muslim culture. Everybody might dance to a somewhat different tempo, but Lanta ‘s overall groove is groovy.
Throughout the 1980s, a few beach huts showed up and a little atmosphere was stirred up by the first rucksack-carrying travelers from the continent. What visitors (mostly Scandinavians and Germans) went on the junkyard mopeds, consumed the size of lobsters in the sidewalks of the highway and smashed the Singha beer by lantern light. It has certainly not been connected; only 1996 the island was connected to the power supply.
The voltage now is constant and the accommodation is nicer. While it’s possible (check out Fisherman’s Cottage or Lanta roundhouse) if you’d like to crash into the basic sandy hut. But over the last 10 years, there has been a constant influx of more adult westerly boltholes. Costa Lanta is an overgrown garden, marked by fabulous, minimalist and polished paradises. It’s by far the most clever model, like Espresso Martini on the island.

What are some things to do in the island?

Other than those hotel hotspots in Thailand are beach bars with driftwood, palm leaves, bamboo chairs and tables lining the sand that you just want to search. There are two jewels at Kantiang beach: the same but special for beverages when the sun rises and the later Why Not restaurant. There are full-moon parties, but half-moon parties, New Moon parties, start-of-season events, end-of-season parties, mid-season party parties, and Tuesday nights parties are of a smaller scale too (the one in the Mong-bar is offering happy shakes, bang lassi, and electromagnetic parts).
There are no big commercial raves here at Koh Lanta; it’s all an opportunity to set up the star-shaped lanterns in a local band that plays Nirvana and Oasis well. The boys behind the bar have skinny jeans and shiny black hair, chunky silver rings stuck in turquoise, several tattoos, and piercings, two at least, for one of them goes by the ink parlor by day.
They would deliver the buckets of Sang Som, Gin, M-151 (Red Bull-like), Coca-Cola, nice lime pick, lots of ice, and for 300 baths with a couple of straws. This is the point where 15 years have not changed-even the song is the same.
Just one concern with Sang Som buckets is the following day’s escape, which is less harmful than a sugar addiction. So, if you have a desire to go out there underwater, it is better to stop them. There is fantastic diving here, incredible perspective, pinnacles of reefs, reef outcrops, and aquatic life masses. Ko Haa, an hour and a half north, is a collapsed volcanic island with sharp descents on the side and over a dozen places for swimming, caverns, and caves, where tortoises, squid, and pointed-nose barracudas can be seen.

Transportation accessibility

At the two-hour boat ride to the spectacular Hin Daeng, red rock and a large anemones-rich manta-ray playing field, maybe even a whale shark, the committed divers do not blanch. There are diving-shops in almost every town which appear to be much cheaper and just as nice. You don’t have to plan a dive via the hotel. If you do not like scuba, there are fantastic fishings, fun snorkeling, kayaking to Koh Talabeng’s Silestone gorge, longtail vessels to Koh Klang, and Koh Lanta Noi’s shriveled mangrove swamps.

More to explore, more to love

But to fully appreciate the island, you have to overlook and explore the obvious attractions – the water, the beach. Lease a moped and drive out of the west side, beaches, lush indoor, and out into the east. The more you have, the richer you are, the more conscious the status of the place gets), the lopsided three-wheelers over the hump of the island and down the other side, heavy with family members. Buzz past homes with woody birds swinging between the trees.
You ‘re portraying Koh Lanta, you probably do not realize it yet, as you imagine a Thais Beach surrounded by white sand, blue seas, and green sky and palm trees. In one of the many beach bars and cafes along the coast, you can lay a towel and lounge in the sunlight or hang out with fresh cocoa. The main tourist beaches on the west side of the island are Koh Lanta, so every night you get an unequaled view of the sunset.

Where to stay?

 Wondering where to live at Koh Lanta,? You’ll be lucky if you dream of living in a wooden bungalow on the beach with a front hammock and the sounds of geckos and crickets. On the beach and into the jungle for more peace and privacy this island is filled with bungalows for rent. For budget travelers (cheaper than most Koh Lanta hotels), it is an excellent and super affordable option. If you want to relax and not have a party, make sure that you choose one next to one of the rowdy beach bars.

How to get around?

Koh Lanta is the seventh biggest of Thailand’s 926 islands. The best way to get everything in is to rent a scooter for the day. It will cost 250-300 baht for you. If you’re not a shrewd broker, you’ll save time by not bringing tuk-tuks across the country, which can rack to unexpected revenue.
The Andaman Sea offers you some great views and a fun ride along winding roads. Some monkeys you might even see! One of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Bamboo Beach, is almost only reachable by scooter, although the ride is a bit scary because you are a descent into the bay pretty steeply.

Love doing exciting, outdoor activities? Check out the caves!

If you get antsy, you can go down and dirty in some cases after a couple of days of seaside pleasure. Tham Mai Kaew is a wonderful cave system that can be quickly missed (but one of Thailand’s greatest things to do). Tourists without one of the local guides aren’t permitted, but if you like adventure you probably deserve to fly. You will have to squeeze through narrow passes, scramble through rocks and walk on rickety ladders of bamboo.
For the casual cave-goer, the tiger cave is a simpler choice. You don’t have to have a guide, but you can still get lost. It’s on the way to the Khlong Jak Waterfall and several people head to the south beaches a day before they visit the two of them.
koh lanta travel holiday waterfall jungle trek
cave Thailand travel Koh Lanta: A true wanderer's paradise
koh lanta travel holiday waterfall jungle trek

On a side note:

One of the special places that was etched in our hearts was 6ixcret bar located at Klong Khong beach, Koh Lanta and you can look for Tukta Kongrach or Thanapon aka Lod if you want to arrange for a quick booking at this number, 081-1352951 or you can reach them by Line: Naturalcool. 

This spot has an amazing sunsets, and enjoy the refreshing and vibrant vibes from the hosts themselves. They have the best hospitality and they take care of you like a family.  In return, we would like to help them as our big thank you!

Look them up when you are in Koh Lanta and you will never regret it!

best sunset spot in koh lanta
6ixcret bar hangout
6ixcret bar koh lanta

Final thoughts on Koh Lanta

Last words but not the least, Koh Lanta offers you spot in your heart that will make you long to come back and stay longer. In our case, now that we have our own little family, we definitely would want to come back and live there if possible. 
This is a true wanderer’s paradise, a match made in the island haven! So, what are you waiting for? Go buy that ticket and take a ride!
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