half day

half day price 50 euro per person

(minimum 2 person)

Half-day tours

Hours: 6:30-7:00 till 1:30 pm

  •  Half-day tours pick up time is from 6:30-7:00 am from your hotel and Drop off about 16:00 pm

  • Then, drive approximately one and a half hours to the south of Chiangmai through the rolling hills, local farming, and forest areas.

  • Followed by a trek to the elephant sanctuary in the jungle with elephant food provided.

  • Subsequently, meet the elephants, learn about the anatomy and behavior of the Asian elephant.

  • Feed, observe, play and interact with the elephants in a natural environment

  • Walk with the elephants in the jungle then go to the river for a bath and play with them

  • In the meantime, say goodbye to the elephants and making sure to leave with a happy demeanor

  • Finally, a short trek to visit the waterfall, where you can relax,swim and take a great photo. This is the time where you can appreciate the whole day tours where you want to stay longer or make another tour next time.

LUNCH break

  • Day tours end and drive back to Chiangmai and arrive approximately at 1:30 pm, for instance.

full day

full day price 75 euro per person

(minimum 2 person)

Full day tours

From the half-day tours schedule, continuing after lunch

  • Do the bamboo rafting and enjoy the cool water

  • Visit the beautiful local temple and be amazed of the simplicity of life but the locals are genuinely happy people!

  • Day tours end and drive back to Chiangmai and arrive approximately around 4:00 pm

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