half day

half day price BTH 1,700 per person

(minimum 2 person)

Half-day tours

Departure: 7.00-7.30 AM till 1:30 PM:

Join us for a half-day tour of the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, an ethical and sustainable eco-tourism project in Chiang Mai. You will have a chance to interact with the elephants in their natural environment, learn about their anatomy and behavior, and help them with their daily activities.

  • The tour starts with a pick-up from your hotel between 7:00 and 7:30 am. You will then drive for about an hour and a half through the scenic countryside to reach the sanctuary. Upon arrival, you will receive a brief introduction and change into traditional Karen clothes.
  • You will then trek to the elephant area with elephant food provided. You will meet the elephants, feed them, observe them, and play with them. You will also learn about their history and how they were rescued from abusive situations.
  • Next, you will walk with the elephants to the river, where you can bathe and play with them. You will see how much they enjoy splashing water and rolling in the mud. You will also help them clean themselves and keep them healthy.
  • After saying goodbye to the elephants, you will trek to a nearby waterfall, where you can relax, swim, and take photos. This is a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and reflect on your unforgettable experience.
  • You will then enjoy a delicious lunch of Thai food cooked by our local staff. You can choose from a variety of dishes, such as pad thai, green curry, fried rice, and more. You will also have fresh fruits and drinks to refresh yourself.
  • The tour ends with a drop-off at your hotel around 13:30 pm. We hope you enjoyed your time with us and our elephants.

Private Tour price for half-day Elephant Sanctuary & Jungle Travel is:

  • 2000฿/persons (min 2 persons)
  • 3-5 persons are 1700฿/persons
  • 6-9 persons are 1500฿/persons
  • 10 up costs 1300฿/persons

full day

full day price BTH 2,100 per person

(minimum 2 person)

Full day tours

From the half-day tours schedule, continuing after lunch:

  • Visit the Karen Hill Tribe village, a community of refugees from Myanmar who have preserved their unique culture and traditions in the mountains of northern Thailand. Learn about their history, beliefs and way of life as you interact with them and admire their distinctive costumes and jewelry.
  • Enjoy a bamboo rafting adventure on the river that flows through the scenic valley. Feel the breeze and the splash of water as you glide along the natural landscape. Experience the thrill and fun of this traditional mode of transportation.
  • Explore the beautiful local temple that reflects the simplicity and happiness of the people who live here. Marvel at the architecture, art, and rituals that express their faith and devotion. Witness how they practice their religion in harmony with nature and each other.
  • The day tour ends with a drive back to Chiangmai, where you will arrive around 4:00 pm. Take home unforgettable memories and insights from this amazing experience.

Special remarks:

*** Meeting 1 day before at the guests’ hotel at 18.00 hrs.
*** During the meeting you will receive info about what to bring and get briefed about the tour
*** Bring passport or passport details for the meeting

Private Tour price for Full-day Elephant Sanctuary & Jungle Travel is:

  • 2500฿/persons (min 2 persons)
  • 3-4 person cost 2100฿/persons
  • 5-9 persons cost 1900฿/persons
  • 10 persons up cost 1700฿/persons