Jungle Travel & Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Mr Jungle Trek

A Wonderful adventure

Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand is a 100% no riding elephant and guided trekking tours located in a non touristic area in Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiangmai

Mr Jungle Trek


Jungle Travel & Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Trekking in the Natural Jungle

Far from the touristic area, exploring the amazing jungle, closeby the famous Doi Inthanon National Park and hike the mountain and enjoy the wonders of nature

Experience taking care of Elephants

Experience the elephant sanctuary feeding and taking care of the Thai elephants with the locals with 100% no riding as one of our ethical aims

Exploring the fascinating waterfall and have fun on the Bamboo raft

Delve into the untouched jungle equipped with our safe and durable bamboo raft while you also enjoy the waterfall sounds and its surrounding nature

Discovering the secret of the HIll Tribe Village

Explore more of the unknown local temple and enjoy the warm welcome from the White Karen Hill tribe village and support the local community for sustaining their livelihood through our existing projects


- Spend a day or more taking care of Elephants at the Chiangmai Elephant Sanctuary

- Commune with nature

- Waterfall and bamboo rafting

Elephant Sanctuary & jungle travel

At  Chiangmai Elephant Sanctuary and Jungle Travel, we work hard every day, 365 days a year for the benefit of the elephants. Our hope and goals are to lead by example and contribute to a positive change in the perception of elephants at the Chiangmai elephant sanctuary and to witness a future where elephants are not ridden, poached, overworked, or abused.  Instead, these precious animals are treated with love and respect.

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